What is Omakase?



Omakase is a term which is literally translated to “I will leave it to you” and meaning that the chef will select, prepare and serve the dishes and ingredients special to that day or season. You will find Omakase courses at most high-end Japanese restaurants of sushi, kaiseki, tempura and other cuisines. This traditional Japanese dining concept may seem daunting and a little scary at first, not knowing beforehand exactly what you will be served, however, you will quickly learn that the chef only uses the best seasonal ingredients prepared after long careful deliberation as to what will most satisfy his guests that day.

As such, the menu for an Omakase course will usually only contain very little specific information regarding what will be served. The chef will personally procure the ingredients of and carefully construct each course according to the price course. Needless to say, the higher priced courses will contain the more rare and expensive ingredients. Regardless of the price, every ingredient; the meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, will all be seasonal and fresh.

The ingredients of each dish are explained in detail upon serving. Be sure to let the restaurant know beforehand regarding any allergies, dislikes or dietary restriction you may have, as an Omakase course will contain tens of different and exotic Japanese foods.

With an Omakase course you can be sure that you will be eating what the chef has created with his full and undivided attention. It is said that on rare occasion, once the chef gets to know repeat diners personally and their likes/dislikes, he will spontaneously alter the course to fit their preferences, something which is highly irregular at high-end restaurants.

Step into the unique world of Omakase with an open and expectant mind, and we promise you that you will not be disappointed.